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Fire-API is a 100% open-source library that contains several tools to facilitate computer development, features of Fire-Softwares applications, a wrapper for the Fire-Softwares API...
Fire-API-Web-Framework is a special version of Fire-API primarily for web services that uses CSS and JavaScript technologies and contains not only the features of the standard Fire-API but in addition to web components such as buttons, Sliders, progress bars or navigation bars have been added to the CSS to allow you to transform 30 lines of code into just a few. It also re-stylizes some basic HTML components to make them more "modern".


Projects who use Fire-API

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Open-source and community powered

The sources of our program are available on GitHub and we are constantly improving it through the community. So if you find a bug, or you have an idea or a suggestion, do not hesitate to let us know !